A community hub

The Inverness Early Years Co-op has formed a partnership with the Inverness Cottage Workshop and will share a renovated heritage building in the heart of Inverness to be known as the Inverness Community Leadership Centre. 

The ICLC centre:
  • Sharing a renovated state of the art renewable energy efficient heritage building
  • Providing a responsive one-stop shop for families with young children and adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Fostering authentic leadership that is creative, compassionate and responsible
  • A hub for business innovation and social entrepreneurship
  • A place that inspires individuals to pursue their dreams while making a positive contribution to their community.





Today the community of Inverness is in a major renewal phase based on the following evidence: 

  • Population stabilizing  due to the increasing number of retirees, both locally and those returning home
  • The opening of the world class Cabot Links Golf Course in 2011, increased employment with new  businesses and construction.
  • Many employment  openings due to baby boomers retirements. 
  • Housing identified as  a priority to attract and retain population with quality affordable options
  • Inverness is a regional service centre with a new seniors’ residence connected to the expanded hospital, community p-12 school, arena, race track, arts centre, beaches, trails, active transportation network. 

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