Our Vision

To enhance our sense of community by creating a welcoming accessible place for all our children that connects present and future services and supports for our families.

The IEYC: 

  • Has partnered with the Inverness Cottage Workshop (offers programs and services for adults with intellectual disabilities) on the design and development of the Inverness Community Leadership Centre.  
  • Has developed committed partnerships to provide universal access for approximately 80-100 families with children 0-5. These include Public Health, Early Intervention, Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital, Family Place Resource, Speech and Language, Developmental Pediatrician, Mental Health, Addictions, Community Services and the Inverness Education Centre. 
  • Collaborates with local, regional and provincial expertise to develop a quantitative and qualitative framework that will provide us with measurable evaluation and evidence to support our growth and development.
  • Supports the development of a collective umbrella governance with the 39 other Not-for-profit community organizations in our region to sustain what we have and develop what we need.

Our Story:

The Inverness Early Years Cooperative was incorporated in June 2010 after two years of engagement in a community development process around understanding the importance of early human development and how we can better respond to the needs of families with young children in our region.

The Inverness Early Years Co-op is run by the community for the community’s children and membership is open all citizens. 

Our mission is to revitalize our region by providing a demonstration model of a comprehensive and fully integrated Early Years Centre. The Centre supports the maternal and paternal health (physical and mental) of our mothers and fathers, fosters family, care giver and community involvement, optimizes infant health and development, offers accessible early learning and childcare programs and connects seamlessly into the formal school system.

Local Support

In our community, where we raised our children, we understand the unique challenges faced by families. By being inclusive and celebrating diversity we will grow together in a new shared heritage of empathy and caring with our children.  

Hands-On Help

“If you tell me, I forget, if you show me, I remember, if you involve me, I understand.” Our Community Early Years Centre is about relationships, a place where we all have something to offer of value and meaning.

Empowering Resources

We strive to empower our community with the knowledge, tools, skills and practice they need when they need it.