Help Us Grow

We are relying heavily on donor support to get the IEYC off the ground. Just like we'll bring together people with the Centre, we're calling on our community now to help us make this important initiative a reality for local families. 

Help the IEYC in providing a universally accessible hub for families and care givers with responsive and affordable services and programs will strengthen the foundation for Inverness's revitalization. With the jobs emerging in our region from an aging workforce and new jobs as a result of developments like Cabot Links, all families will have the option to offer their children a community based, nurturing, language rich, play based environment to learn and grow in.

Online donations will be accepted shortly. In the meantime, please make your cheques out to The Inverness Early Years Co-op and mail to:


The Inverness Early Years Co-op

Box 119,  Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada

B0E 1N0

If you are a donor or organization wishing to contribute more than $5,000, playing a crucial role in the funding of this project, please contact Jim Mustard directly at

Thanks in advance for your support of this important project.